Fashionable Vintage Appeal with Mercury Glass

The world of fashion comes alive in most of our closets, however, it has the ability to transcend through our homes lighting décor. Most women fall head over heels for diamonds, pearls, glitter, and just about any shimmery accessory we can think of. Mercury glass lighting fixtures can help any of us achieve that frosting look we are searching for.





Mercury glass, also commonly known as silver glass, is glass that was blown doubled walled, then silvered between the layers with a liquid silvering solution, and sealed. This type of glass was produced from the 1840s until the 1930s in what is now the Czech Republic. Mercury glass is considered one of the first true ‘art glass’ types. Meaning it was made for display and for its artistic value to beautify a room. It was most popular during the 1800s and faded for a while after the roaring twenties. However, it is enjoying a comeback and is back on the rise as a fashionable product.


As time progresses, one year into the next, it is common for different decades to come back in style. Vintage glam without a doubt is making a comeback but in a modern way. Mercury glass is the perfect blend of glitz and glamour without creating this overly opulent appeal. Table lamps with mercury glass bases will blend well with any homes décor and still adds that chic vintage allure.


Just imagine, as you step into your bedroom and notice your mercury glass lamps that your mind drifts back to the days of flapper costumes, prohibition, and the ludicrous amounts of wealth. It’s almost as if you can hear that Jazz music playing.


Author: Bobbie Pearsall
Bobbie Pearsall is the Director of Advertising for Quoizel Lighting, a company bringing timeless design pieces into the lighting industry since 1930.