High Point Furniture Market

In October 2013, I went to market to hunt for beautiful furniture! I spent 5 days of walking, working and deciding what furniture to purchase for Lighting Emporium. Market was filled with color, geometric and Ikat patterns on furniture & rugs. This all happened way back in October, and I've had to wait all this time for the new styles to arrive. I can't wait to offer them at Lighting Emporium!  It is the standout furniture that makes us excited about our store, displays and the anticipation of beautiful furniture!! I thought I would share a few of the pieces that really stood out to me.

I discovered some great furniture for my Private Label, G.MILAM!   This tufted gray sofa & chair, muted patchwork rug and weathered furniture is an example of what you will find at Lighting Emporium. 




Hooker-Melange Semblance introduced an interesting chest available in 7 colors.  Very clean lines with fun hardware make it perfect for any casual living space.

Hooker-Mélange Semblance Chest


Sam Moore's geometric prints were dominant throughout their showroom. With their wide selection of solid fabrics for comfortable sofas–tossing geometric pillows, chairs and ottomans was very appealing.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 10.08.34 AM



I saved the best for last!  Wesley Hall had the most beautiful blue fabrics at Market, and we are so excited to see these at Lighting Emporium.  As you can see in the photos, these pieces have lots of texture and depth of color. Both the Riptide Aqua Dining Settee  & the eclectic & colorful Flagstaff Indigo sofa will definitely be available at Lighting Emporium very soon!  Stay tuned!

Wesley Hall-634-54

Wesley Hall 1826-84

Author: Glenda Milam
Glenda is the lead designer and buyer for Lighting Emporium. she and her husband Ron, opened Lighting Emporium 24 Years ago. During that time her style, taste and selections for Lighting Emporium have been right on target. Traveling extensively has lead to a knowledge of how to mix international products into everyday design. Making close friends in the Lighting and Home Furnishings Industries has been crucial in the decision to take this step to create G.MILAM branding. And so, begins another phase (chapter) of Lighting Emporium. A new website and exclusive product on line and in our store.