Category: Bedrooms

Parade of Homes Feature

It's always a fun time of year when the Parade of Homes comes around! While we love seeing the gorgeous, well-designed homes around the community, we love to participate! Our very own Kimberly Dodd designed this beautiful home pictured below and we wanted to show off her fabulous work.  This home features a timeless white kitchen, stunning wood floors, perfect finishes, and the perfect mix of modern and traditional decor. Enjoy the photos!

Modern Chic Bedroom Inspiration Board

Are you looking to re-do or even spruce up your bedroom? We created an inspiration board based on several inspiring items you can find at Lighting Emporium. If you would like to learn more about each item, refer to the links below. Enjoy! 1. Larissa Pillow 2. Chandelier 3. Table Lamp 4. Sunburst Mirror 5. Tufted Bed 6. Madeleine Cabinet 7. G.Milam Chair 8. Stool with Nickel Studs 9. Floral Pillow 10. Geometric Rug

Bed Inspiration

What do you look for in a bed? Considering this colder-than-usual winter we've had this year, I've found myself thinking about the comfort & warmth a beautiful bed has to offer.  Imagining pulling up the covers into my warm bed is often the only thing that gets me through the day! The bed is often the focal point of a room, and while comfort is important... it's also nice to make it beautiful. If you are inspired by these beds, now is the perfect time to purchase a bed, new bedding and create...