How to Take Your Walls to the Next Level!

Do you have walls in your home that you're not sure what to do with? Here are 6 ways to transform your walls that you may not have thought of before!


1. Oversized Art:  Art is always a great way to make a statement.  If you find a piece that is approximately the height of your wall, it is a great way to completely transform your room and take care of a boring, blank wall.




2. Wallpaper:  A lot of us think of the early 90′s when we think of wallpaper… think again!  With the right design you can really transform a room.



3.  Vintage Doors:  This technique is a little more unlikely and difficult to execute but we couldn't help but share!  Recycling vintage doors has been really popular in the past few years. Why not make an entire wall of doors?



4. Built-ins:  While built-ins can be expensive they are a beautiful and timeless way to transform a blank wall.  Bookshelves full of beautiful colorful books never go out of style and it will certainly increase the value of your home.  You can never go wrong with a custom element!



5.  Mirrors!  This image below features several full-length mirrors purchased at a local grocery store. Can you believe how classy they look? This would be a really fun way to transform your room and elevate the elegance.



6. Wainscoting: This is a beautiful way to add dimension to your walls. You can play around with several different patterns and decide on the sizing.  A great way to take a wall in your room to the next level!



Author: Glenda Milam
Glenda is the lead designer and buyer for Lighting Emporium. she and her husband Ron, opened Lighting Emporium 24 Years ago. During that time her style, taste and selections for Lighting Emporium have been right on target. Traveling extensively has lead to a knowledge of how to mix international products into everyday design. Making close friends in the Lighting and Home Furnishings Industries has been crucial in the decision to take this step to create G.MILAM branding. And so, begins another phase (chapter) of Lighting Emporium. A new website and exclusive product on line and in our store.