Beauty and the Bath!

Let's talk about lighting in bathrooms…. it's tricky! Because we get ready every day in our bathrooms, lighting is most important here. Choosing bad lighting can yield bad results. With proper lighting, every design detail will be enhanced! Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Choose lighting that allows for true color when applying make up & dressing

2. Install dimmers to be cost efficient

3. Task lighting can be vanity light with multiple number of lights

4. Sconces are beautiful  and can provide additional lighting, especially in the shower.

Below are some examples of beautifully bathrooms courtesy of Quoizel Lighting. Enjoy!
Dimitri Collection
Dimitri-1 Dimitri

Jolene Collection


Pacifica Collection


Taylor Collection



Author: Glenda Milam
Glenda is the lead designer and buyer for Lighting Emporium. she and her husband Ron, opened Lighting Emporium 24 Years ago. During that time her style, taste and selections for Lighting Emporium have been right on target. Traveling extensively has lead to a knowledge of how to mix international products into everyday design. Making close friends in the Lighting and Home Furnishings Industries has been crucial in the decision to take this step to create G.MILAM branding. And so, begins another phase (chapter) of Lighting Emporium. A new website and exclusive product on line and in our store.