Chandeliers, Pendants, Track Lighting… OH MY!

By guest blogger Samantha Mann… welcome Samantha!

Updating your kitchen lighting can be the most daunting experience when lighting your home because the amount of task lighting you need is tremendous. Some people don’t want to overdo it with the amount of fixtures they have in the kitchen and tend to stick with the recessed lighting that was put in the home by the original builder. Well, we are here to tell you it is OKAY to experiment in the kitchen and step outside your comfort zone.


One very popular movement occurring in homes across the country is the use of oversized pendants over kitchen tables or center islands. Oversized pendants typically have more than one light in the fixture and come in handy over areas where task lighting is needed. When you are preparing dinner on your kitchen island, having the perfect amount of light flooding your space is essential. If you want to step even further outside the box, finding a pendant with a shade encasing your candelabra light bulbs emits a soft glow that will make your kitchen visually appealing instead of harsh.


Have you ever thought about placing two decent sized chandeliers over your center island or breakfast bar? If the thought never came to you before, and your space is large enough to accompany it, then go big or go home! You can make this look either modern or traditional depending on what kind of chandelier you decide to use.


Another great concept surrounding chandeliers would be to use an island chandelier. Some people think they are too bulky but with the right shape and size an island chandelier can really tie any kitchen together.



Industrial style lighting is making a big comeback this year, and we think it’s time you start placing these sleek fixtures into your kitchens décor. A metal-shaded fixture is an elegant nod to the past and adds a nostalgic flair to your home. When using mini pendants for focal points in your kitchen, they are sure to provide ample lighting for all your daily tasks.


Remember one thing, where do most of your guests congregate towards when you are hosting? Probably the kitchen, being one of the most social and eye catching parts to your home. A well-lit kitchen will be a much used kitchen!

Author: Samantha Mann
Samantha Mann is a marketing enthusiast who has a love for design and creativity. She is a recent MBA graduate from Coastal Carolina University and currently works for Quoizel, Inc. as a Marketing Specialist. Samantha just moved to Charleston, SC this past May with her fiancé and dog Mojo and has been in love with this charming city since she was 10.