Lighting That Goes Au Naturelle

We are thrilled to have Bobbie from Quoizel Lighting enlightening us on the blog today about lighting our homes!

Every home should display natural materials in a unique way that adds texture and draws in the warmth of a home. When lighting fixtures incorporate natural, eco-friendly products it brings a sense of tranquility and comfort to a home’s décor. Organic materials add an extra dimension to lamps and lighting fixtures as no two pieces are alike, bringing a valuable ‘one of a kind’ feeling into the home.

Quoizel taps the translucence of jade, agate, mica, pen shell, and capiz shell to give its fixtures shade a beautiful luminance when light shines through.

Jade has been prized as the most precious of all gems. The appeal of this mineral to the ancient Chinese was due to its toughness, luster, and multiplicity of colors. Jade is generally pale to dark green or white in color.




Agate stone shades are hand assembled by skilled craftsmen. The stones are selected for quality and size and then each stone is cut in half and placed in a tumbler for 72 hours to make them smooth and round. Agate stone adds a dramatic effect to any home. Personally knowing how much time and care went into each stone brings a sense of art into your surroundings.




The glowing translucence of natural mica, adds warmth and color to any room. Since mica is a natural mineral, it varies in color with a wide range of intensities.




Genuine pen shell brings the splendor of the natural world into your home. Often found off the coasts of Europe and North Africa, pen shell is a delicate, fan-shaped shell that varies in color from amber to white. Pen shell is an exceptional material for decorative lighting, bringing culture and warmth from around the world to your very own foyer or dining room.




Capiz shells are the outer shell of a marine mollusk and have a luster similar to mother-of-pearl shells. Found in the shallow coastal waters of the Philippines, this valuable shell is one of the most popular natural sea shell components used in home décor.




Natural materials can be portrayed as luxurious, ornate, and over-the-top gorgeous if used properly. Another aspect to natural elements is using the correct design to portray a modern, contemporary look.

Fossil stone, onyx, rattan, and wood are employed in lighting fixtures to provide a touch of uniqueness that will never go out of style.

Our geological past is represented through fossil stones which are fascinating and handsome minerals. Artisans polish each stone to perfection and distinctively place them along the shade to achieve subtle gradation of color.




Onyx was used as early as the Second Egyptian Dynasty to fashion both jewelry and pottery. With its fine texture, the colors of its bands range from white to almost every color. Lighting fixtures can now be showcased like jewelry from the past.




Rattan, a climbing cane plant, is a member of the palm family. It is considered to be one of the strongest woods available. Rattan with its textured effect looks great with a tropical décor. Bringing the outdoors indoors!



Wood is an important renewable resource… a product of nature. It is energy efficient and can be recovered for reuse and recycling.  Don’t you think it’s time to ‘go-green’ in your home?


For all those homeowners who want lighting designs that no one else in the neighborhood has, we say, go natural with Quoizel!

Author: Bobbie Pearsall
Bobbie Pearsall is the Director of Advertising for Quoizel Lighting, a company bringing timeless design pieces into the lighting industry since 1930.