A Look at Lane Venture Patio Furniture (15% off!)

Now through April 9th, you can receive 15% off in-stock and special order patio furniture at Lighting Emporium! With Spring upon us, it's finally that time of year where we want to be outside enjoying our beautiful yards and patios.

One of our favorite lines of outdoor furniture is Lane Venture.  Known for their well-designed and well-built pieces, Lane Venture furniture is the type that you only need to buy one time. The pieces will last you a lifetime and endure the elements… exactly what you need in outdoor furniture! Not only are the products durable, they are beautifully designed. Check out photos of some of our favorite Lane Venture pieces below and you'll understand why we absolutely love carrying the line at Lighting Emporium!

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Author: Glenda Milam
Glenda is the lead designer and buyer for Lighting Emporium. she and her husband Ron, opened Lighting Emporium 24 Years ago. During that time her style, taste and selections for Lighting Emporium have been right on target. Traveling extensively has lead to a knowledge of how to mix international products into everyday design. Making close friends in the Lighting and Home Furnishings Industries has been crucial in the decision to take this step to create G.MILAM branding. And so, begins another phase (chapter) of Lighting Emporium. A new website and exclusive product on line and in our store.