Your Decor 101

Have you downloaded the Your Decor app yet? If not, now is the time! You can download it here. Especially if you're decorating a room in your home or simply looking for some inspiration. This app will help you along the way and eliminate the fear of buyer's remorse because you can see how items will look in your room before you even purchase! Genius!


Read below for more information on app… how it works and why it works!




After downloading the app, the fun begins right away! First, the shopper selects an 'Application Room' from within the app to begin decorating. Next, the user can peruse a robust catalog of items and select potential purchases to add to the room.

Then the real magic begins: you can move each item around the room, and even resize the items to get just the perfect fit. You can 'flip' the item for a reverse view. And you can even tap the item to get more information such as price, SKU numbers and more!

But here is where things get really interesting: one of the most groundbreaking features of the Your Decor app is the ability to take a photograph with your mobile device of a real-world environment that you want to decorate and then virtually decorate your space.

This incredible functionality eliminates the fear of buyer's remorse, leading to more confident buyers. It keeps the shopper thinking about their potential purchase long after they leave the building, resulting in more return visits. And best of all, it puts an entire store literally in the palm of your hand.  Below are a few screenshots of Your Decor in action!






The one question I have heard more than any other during a nearly three decade career in sales is simply this:

"How do you think this will look in my home?"

This Mobile App finally and definitively answers that question for each and every customer, leading to more confident buyers and more sales made!  Check out some before & after shots below.




If you're interested in creating a customized app for your store, contact G. Milam Marketing and App Development at 479-957-1070 or  If you don't have a store but love to experiment with home decor, download the app here! 


Author: Glenda Milam
Glenda is the lead designer and buyer for Lighting Emporium. she and her husband Ron, opened Lighting Emporium 24 Years ago. During that time her style, taste and selections for Lighting Emporium have been right on target. Traveling extensively has lead to a knowledge of how to mix international products into everyday design. Making close friends in the Lighting and Home Furnishings Industries has been crucial in the decision to take this step to create G.MILAM branding. And so, begins another phase (chapter) of Lighting Emporium. A new website and exclusive product on line and in our store.